Tanner's Story (hey, you've been warned!)

Community — a word that defines my passion and philosophical approach to the arts. After graduating with a BFA in Photography from The University of Akron, I moved to Chicago to explore the options my degree afforded me. Throughout my years in Chicago working in various arts studios and nonprofits, I networked and discovered new opportunities and honed my skills. I found a true passion and intrigue for photographing people and, more importantly, connecting with them. I spent 8 years in the Chicago, learning through experience and opportunities as they emerged. Now, I’d like to bring that experience back to the hometown that I love, set new goals, and explore new opportunities. Northeast Ohio is where I was born and raised, and no matter where I live, it will always be a part of me. Since leaving, I’ve watched with much excitement as the area evolved. I would love to come meet you and make memories that last a lifetime (speaking of, I am extremely obsessed with always having backups of your memories/photos)!